Monday, March 5, 2012

Treasure Find 17: Strawberricious Baguio! -- Finding the Strawberry Taho and Strawberry Sinigang! (Yo Baguio part 2)


Who loves taho?  Who are addicted to pork sinigang?  Well, if you are a proud Pinoy, I guess you love both, just like me!  :)  The two have always been in my favorites list but when I recently went to Baguio, I didn't expect that these well loved Filipino snack and dish still have something much new to offer!

We all know that Baguio (the market) and Benguet (the farm) are haven for strawberries!  While we are aware and delighted with the fruit, the jam and the ice cream, Baguio peeps have innovated their very own produce and came up with all new offerings to the public!  And they are... the Strawberry Taho and Strawberry Sinigang!  :)

Perhaps those who frequent the place may have encountered and tasted those gastronomic delights but I won't be ashamed to admit that it was my first!  :)

You can get the strawberry taho from the usual taho vendor that go around the streets of Baguio.  A lot of them are in Burnham Park.  But for us, we bought ours at the street near The Mansion.  When you call or approach a vendor, just make sure that you ask if what he sells is the strawberry taho as there are also those who offers the traditional taho that we know of.  For PhP20 per cup, you will be able to get the delight brought about by this strawberry taho!  :)

As for the Pork Sinigang, we got this at the Mines View Park Hotel and we heard that the dish is available only in that place!  It's the usual pork sinigang that we love but it's mixed with strawberries which add up to the sourness of the soup but it also gives a very little blend of sweetness!   I also fell in love with the dish but you got to taste this for yourself so you would exactly know what I'm talking about!  :)   And for PhP 190, you can get that delightful Sinigang sa Strawberry na Baboy!

Minews View Park Hotel

Of course, like any other Sinigang dishes, Strawberry Sinigang is best eaten with RICE!!!  :)

While we were amazed with the two strawberry innovations, we also can't let go of the actual Baguio strawberries.  We also went to La Trinidad's Strawberry Farm and checked ourselves how the fruits are being produced.  I bought a kilo at PhP 200 but you can also harvest your own strawberries at the farm.  You just have to pay at around PhP 300 per kilo as it's coupled with the unique experience of harvesting your own strawberries.

Before, I just like the strawberry flavor but not the fruit.  But now, I love everything about strawberry.  look at this shot, how can you resist such fruit!  :)

Strawberries are well kept in the farm.

Strawberry farmers

foydi amazed with the strawberry farm!

I bought a kilo of strawberries for my mom!  :)

Strawberries.  It's just one of the big reasons why I love Baguio so much, and continue going back to the city called the Summer Capital of the Philippines!

And that's another thing that makes up the Bayanihan Republic!  :)

And of course, I did not leave Baguio without buying this popular trawberry jam from Good Shepherd!  :)  Like the fruit, it tastes so good!  Watch out for my separate blog post about this (Good Shepherd)!  :)


  1. Lucky you the strawberry farm was in full bloom :) We once visited the farm sometime in December and it was all in the vendor's baskets.

    The Strawberry Sinigang is something to look forward when dropping by Baguio again :) Thanks for sharing... By the way, have you tried Alfajor from Good Shepherd? :)

  2. Oh wow, i want the strawberry taho and strawberry sinigang!!!! Strawberries are one of my all-time fave fruits and that is why I love going to Baguio. Hehe

  3. Masarap rin po ang strawberry na nabibili sa Black market. Mas gusto ko yung maliliit na strawberries kasi mas matamis para sa akin. :)

  4. seriously? strawberry sinigang? haha haven't tried it but I sure wanna try it ... the strawberry taho I've tried na and I always bring jam w/ me every baguio trip

  5. ang tagal ko na hindi nakakapunta sa baguio.. taho strawberry is interesting ha..

  6. I super love both Baguio & strawberries. Baguio always had that old rustic charm. The mere mention of strawberries reminds one of Baguio & vise versa. Thank you for sharing this post. The next time I visit Baguio, I will try strawberry looked lovely on your blog's picture.

  7. I want to try the strawberry sinigang. Mas maasim ba siya?

  8. err... alex supplies fertilizer there... mag usap muna kayo.. (may kwento yang strawberries)

  9. cool blog! iluv the way u write ur posts en the rawness of photos, awesome! I am ur first follower Foydie:)

  10. Strawberry sinigang is something that I am going to try for my upcoming Baguio trip! Thanks for sharing this!