Sunday, April 29, 2012

Treasure Find 25 -- Pasalubong (and you can get some from foydi's Treasure Hunt!)


Pasalubong (Homecoming Present).  It's in the blood, vein, heart, soul (and whatever body part you can think of) of every Filipino. So if a Pinoy came from elsewhere, abroad, or a distant province, or a nearby town, it's in his system to bring home something from that place.  

You can win these shirts!  :)

And it need not be expensive.  As what the cliche says, it's the thought that counts!  :)  So back off to those who want to ridicule Pinoys for spending (a little) despite the hard life!  :)

The KitKat chocolates I brought home from Japan for Mom, Trishteta and the rest of the Bloggies.

Perhaps Filipinos are just that way, thoughtful and eager to share with their loved ones the joy of their trip. And isn't it cool to see your family and friends get excited on what you brought home for them?   I for one am happy to see people happy so if I am able to do that, I would always do that.  :)  

Pasalubong from Batanes for home and Caprilians

And that for me is my 25th Treasure Find! 

But don't click away yet from this page as I have a surprise for all of you. 

It's been a while since you first started to witness foydi's Treasure Hunt in Batanes.  But more than the stories, foydi has another pasalubong for you!  You can get three souvenir shirts (1 Large and 2 Medium) from Batanes!

How?  Just comment on which of the first 24 Treasure Finds featured in foydi's Treasure Hunt do you like most and state why.  You should comment on the specific blog post you like. Contest period is from April 29 to May 21, 9 pm.  The winner will be announced on May 22 and the prize will be sent to his or her home on May 25.  The contest is limited to foydi's Treasure Hunt readers residing in the Philippines. 

Isn't that easy?  So choose your favorite Treasure Hunt now and get a chance to win those awesome shirts!  :)


  1. way to go Ferdie! what a great concept to drive traffic aye? :)
    'bout the treasure find, I've seen your article about Batanes - #18 right? Amazing place, I've heard good things about Batanes from friends whose been there lately and hopefully I can manage to pull up a vacation in the future...Lovely views and cultures.

  2. wow, that's really something. Batanes was indeed in my travel wish list. I envy you because you get the chance to travel a lot. Somehow, as a mother, you need to sacrifice some things you like for the benefit of your family.

    It's sad that i was not able to talk with you in our last PMC EB , that's the problem when you see your online friends in a get together, so many friends, so little time.

    anyway, i love your treasure hunt No. 10 - the zipline to courage. I have been thinking of doing it and then back out because of some fears but then eventually, i was able to do it! Well, just as I've thought. I like it and i wanted to try it over and over again but the problem now, it will be a big waste of money, he he he! So, perhaps one in each place would be enough memory and friendly on your pocket:)

    Here's to a many treasure find :0

  3. I like treasure finds numbers 16 and 17 kasi magkasama tayo sa mga lakad na yun, extra ako sa pictures (hahaha) and I also experienced all those good stuff kaya mas memorable! :)