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Stored Treasure: Explore Singapore! (Day 1 -- The Magic of Sentosa)


Stored Treasure / 10 October 10

Explore Singapore - Day 1

Merlion, the symbol of Singapore

First, in 2008, our tour was an Asian Cruise via Star Cruise Virgo that sailed the South China Sea and brought us in Sanya City in China, Halong Bay in Vietnam and Hong Kong.  Then in 2009, we all flew to Shanghai.  And for 2010, we decided to invade no less than the lion city, Singapore! =)

And when people heard about it, I got questions like "Why Singapore?".  And my response is, "Why not?".  Singapore is such an amazing city, a fusion of different Asian cultures.  It's a progressive city that balances technology,culture, environment and of course, fun =) -- things that really capture my interest.  And in my 7 days stay in the city, I never ran out of things to do.  So I planned somehow what will happen in my 7 days in SG and called this mission as "Explore Singapore"! =)

Day 1 - Sentosa (Luge, Sky Ride, Underwater World, Dolphin Lagoon, Songs of the Sea)
Day 2 - Universal Studios, Chinatown, Clark Quay
Day 3 - Siesta in Pan Pacific Hotel, Marina Square, Vivo City (National Geographic Cafe, Golden Village Cinema, Botejyu) and St. James Power Station
Day 4 - Clementi Holy Cross Church, Singapore Zoo and Night Safari
Day 5 - Jurong Bird Park, Asian Civilizations Museum, Merlion Park, Jandy's Birthday
Day 6 - Orchard Road, Lucky Plaza, Mint Museum of Toys, Chinatown, Sri Mariamman Temple, Raffles Road, Laupasat
Day 7 - West Coast Plaza, Nike Factory Outlet, Singapore Changi International Airport

foydi in singapore zoo
foydi in chinatown

Wheh!  And in fact, I think 7 days aren't enough as there are still places and things I weren't able to check out.  Do you know what else I need to see in SG? =)
Actually, our trip was just from September 30 to October 2 but i extended until October 6 because as you already know, 7 days aren't enough to fulfill my mission "Explore Singapore" =).  And besides, I haven't had a real long vacation so I think this is a pretty perfect opportunity to make it all happen.

Day 1 - Our flight was  at 7:30 am so we were told to be at the airport at around 4 am.  And from work to packing the day before September 30, I decided to skip sleep to fix all the things I need and not to miss the flight!  So come 4 am, I saw nothing but familiar faces at the entrance of Centennial 2 terminal! =)  And as soon as we checked in, the airport seemed like our employee lounge because we are around 100 from the company.

As expected, I was mesmerized by the Singapore Changi International Airport, just like Hong Kong's and Shanghai's.  'But as we went out of the airport, heavy rains (like a typhoon!) welcomed us!  Our first concern was, how can we play in Sentosa, Singapore's favorite playground (Sentosa play is first in our itinerary)?  Well, we parked that thought for a moment and moved immediately to our buses to catch lunch.  And Deborah, our tour guide (up to now, I don't if she's a she or a he but who cares =), made us all comfortable during the ride.

Team CaPRI in SG
our tour guide Deborah
Romsy and the City - road trip from airport to hotel
We then checked in at the Pan Pacific Hotel, and I was again caught in awe with the spectacular view and great amenities of our room!  In fact, sleeping in our hotel room became a rival of going out at night for us! =)

We had a free wi-fi! =)

Well, after unpacking and changing clothes, we then went straight to Sentosa!  And since it's raining hard, we were given ponchos to protect us from getting wet.  We first tried Sentosa Luge, and goodness, it just brought back the child in everyone!  The ride was fast and we were all shouting hard as we move from one point to another, avoiding to hit each other's cart!  And while we were in our offguard moments, there's the camera who captured our shots and ready to take our Singaporean dollars away =).  'But since it's a priceless moment, buying our photos didn't give us any second thoughts. =)

My colleague Jiejie Jane.  Is she excited or scared? =)
Ferdie, Neil and Henry ready to take the Luge challenge
We then moved to the Sentosa Sky Ride to see the tree tops of Sentosa.  It's a pretty slow paced activity than the Luge, but it somehow dried up our ponchos and put us in a relaxing moment.  And of course, there's the camera again!  And again, we just hurried to see and buy our pics! =)

Neil, Henry and Ferdie at the Sky Ride
After the Sentosa Luge and Sky Ride, we were then picked up by the Sentosa Bus and brought us to the Underwater World and Dolphin Lagoon.  Well, this is the 4th oceanarium I already saw (first was the Hong Kong Ocean Park, then the Ocean Adventure in Subic and then Manila Ocean Park), but still, as I am somehow a marine life fan, I was excited to see what's in store in this marine facility.  I think the people who created the Sentosa Underwaterworld and Manila Ocean park are the same, so there are many similarities I noticed.  'But still, visiting a marine facility is always a welcome treat for me.  In fact, I've visited Manila Ocean Park for 3 or 4 times, and I never get bored checking it out.  =)

That's what you call Underwater World

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