February 21 to 25, 2010, same time as the EDSA People Power Week, my first blog Tatak Digitista (Halo-Halo Treats then) was created.   It was a fruitful year for Tatak Digitista ( and true to its commitment, it was able to capture life's mixes - Featuristic! for writings on interesting things, happenings, settings and human beings; Bayanihan Republic for features on heritage - ethnic, classic and pop; Potato On The Go for updates and reviews on movies, tv, theater and other mass media; and Action & Event-ure for chronicles of events, activities, hobbies and trips.

However, I realized, there are many other things that were not posted but are worthy to be shared.  It's something that we can draw inspiration from despite the too many negative things spreading in the cyberspace.  And I don't want to miss that chance again.  With that thought, I decided to come up with this new blog:

Treasures. When we hear the word, we often think of the expensive things we aspire for. But life's real treasures are of no trade value. They are things that give meaning to our life's journey and complete us as a person.  foydi will try to discover, re-discover and chronicle these treasures - grand and simple, valued and unnoticed, abundant and rare, visible and hidden, right here or out there.  And the hunt will spearheaded by me, foydi, a simple communications folk around the corner who just see great things from small things.  :)  I hope you enjoy reading as much as I enjoy looking for life's materpieces! :)

And with that, I hope you'll join me in this quest to find life's real treasures!  And please allow me to make foydi's Treasure Hunt as Treasure Find No. 1! =)

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