Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Treasure Find 27 -- The Art and Science of "Letting Go"... Tokyo's Hi-Tech Toilets!


Warning: if you are eating, don't read this anymore or better yet, drop your food now!  :D

Food blogging is such an enjoyable activity because we savor the taste of the food we eat and share it with the rest.  But while eating is such a fun thing to do, don't you think "moving" or "letting go" is an equally refreshing experience? :D   Di ba, iba yung feeling once you let it go?   LOL :D  So shouldn't there be another niche in blogging that deals on the last part of the digestive process? :D

Well, this blog post is really not actually about pooping.  This is about my Treasure Hunt in Japan and the marvelous thing that I found.  And that is Tokyo's hi-tech toilets!  :)

Well, I know, you may ask, why the hell am I blogging about toilets!  Haha, don't click away, let me explain first.  Don't you think having a good toilet is an essential aspect in traveling?  As much as we enjoy the places we go to and eat the most delicious food in town we visit, we also need that amenity for our bathroom break that will keep us moving.  And I was fascinated to discover these hi-tech toilets!

I first encountered this in Hotel Shinagawa where we spent our first few days in Tokyo.  I was amused that  right after that "ceremony" I won't need a toilet paper (or water and soap), as I just needed to press a button to clean you know what. :)  It sprays water in different ways depending on how you want it!  At Hotel Sakura, our second home in Tokyo, an added option is available.  This time, it can be like sprinkle or shower or bazooka shots hahaha.  Some of my colleagues were even surprised when they tried the hi-tech toilet for the first time.  Others on the other hand joked that they stayed longer in the comfort room because they enjoyed the water splash hahaha.  Anyway, we were also able to adjust the temperature of the water.  And since we were there at winter time, the warmer of the bowl, as it touches the thighs, is very relieving.  So right after moving, you just need that tissue paper and you're done.