Saturday, March 22, 2014

Treasure Find 36 - Feast Time!

Hi folks! I know I left you hanging because foydi's Treasure Hunt was in hybernation last year. There's no excuse and all I want to do now is catch up. :)

But for the curious ones, here's a snapshot of what happened last year:

Ok, let me start this post with a question given to me by a friend: "What's your biggest blessing last year, 2013?"

I immediately responded but ran out of words when I was zeroing in to my point, in to what I really want to say. In my mind, 2013 like 2012, was a roller coaster ride.  But unlike 2012 where there were fixed wins like a new job, great travels and a swan song, 2013 was a stable up and down (ironic right?!).  In 2013, I did have good travels, but so as bad ones.  I made a mark at work but it was also the first time I was strongly challenged by office politics. I made new friends but lost some as well.  Clan bond is slowly getting back but the blacksheeps are still there.  So what exactly was the biggest blessing in 2013? It couldn't be a zero!

Yes, it couldn't be a zero because I realized that my biggest blessing in 2013 is something life changing, something that really matters.  That is the FEAST. That is the Makati Feast.