Sunday, April 29, 2012

Treasure Find 26 -- Surviving The Heat


I know the Philippines is a tropical country and the heat during summer season is something that we expect.  But I'm sure you will agree with me that the heat right now is something that's unbearable, it's as if we are being cooked inside an oven!

Haist, actually, with my work for WWF Philippines, I candidly even said that I won't have a hard time explaining what Global Warming is!  Just imagine experiencing 35++ and 36++ temperature right here in Manila?  Goodness, this heat really will not just drive us crazy, it can actually kill us! 

Anyway, I know Filipinos are very flexible and resourceful people.  We adapt wherever we are, whatever the situation is.  And with this scourging heat, I bet many have adapted, in a way, already. 

For example, I myself treated the situation lightly, (whenever possible!) and joked at it with these pick-up lines:

Manila ka ba?  Ang hot mo kase.

But when the temperature gets hotter the next day, I said:

Manila ka din ba?  Kase, you're getting hotter and hotter each day.

And it was a surefire hit on Twitter and Facebook haha.

But more than that, while everybody go to our captivating beaches and resorts or go to a colder country at this time, some people looked for means how to get through.  

And recently, I found two things that caught my attention and really made me wanting them all the time.  

It's the back-to-back electric fan and the so-called Melona ice cream from Korea!  The former is something I would really love owning!  I know it wouldn't solve the heat but I think it can be of a little help.  And besides, don't you find the fan so cool, that's literally and figuratively speaking! :)

The back-to-back electric fan and Melona ice cream

And the Melona ice cream, goodness, it just tastes so good!  The fruitiness of the flavor just blends very right with the sweetness.  Sorry though I don't know the actual retail price as I buy from my office mate who sells it.  And I get it for only PhP30!  So move over Magnum, Melona is taking your place!  And it's much cheaper!  :)

But aside from that, when you are outside, don't forget to bring water (not bottled as it will add up to our urban waste), wear comfy clothes and sun protection (shades, umbrella, sunblock).  Well, if you don't need to go out and you can avoid it, I suggest you stay inside, and make your surrounding comfortable. 

I know this too shall pass.  We will survive the heat.  And that I guess this has been my 26th Treasure Find!  :)

But while we try to survive the heat, let's be mindful next time of what we do with the environment.  You can log on to www.wwf-org.phils to know more about environmental sustainability. 

Treasure Find 25 -- Pasalubong (and you can get some from foydi's Treasure Hunt!)


Pasalubong (Homecoming Present).  It's in the blood, vein, heart, soul (and whatever body part you can think of) of every Filipino. So if a Pinoy came from elsewhere, abroad, or a distant province, or a nearby town, it's in his system to bring home something from that place.  

You can win these shirts!  :)

And it need not be expensive.  As what the cliche says, it's the thought that counts!  :)  So back off to those who want to ridicule Pinoys for spending (a little) despite the hard life!  :)

Treasure Find 24 -- When God Created the World, He Gave His Best in Batanes (Da Best Sa Batanes part 5)

Treasure Find 24:

Two days have been spent... everyone else is tired... but Batanes is not yet through unfolding its mystique.

And on the third day of our exploration, our experience, I could say, reached an optimum high...

Batanes is indeed a living evidence how great God's God's best creation!  And let me quote once more (and use it as this blog post's title) Mandy Navasero: "When God created the world, He gave his best in Batanes."  And I couldn't agree with her more.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Stored Treasure: Juan Luna Decoded


Stored Treasure / 19 November 2011

Let's face it.  The moment we hear the word museum, we get bored or sleepy in an instant.  'But I guess not for someone who loves History as he loves the Internet.  Okay, that's me haha.  And recently, I got an invite to be part of the Luna Walk organized by the GSIS Museum of Arts.  Without a doubt, I said yes.  I know that my knowledge on Philippine History will be enriched if I join this activity.  And I was right.

Juan Luna

But first, for those who don't know exactly who Juan Luna is, let me give you a glimpse of who he is.  Juan Luna, born in Badoc, Ilocos Norte in 1857, is an icon in Philippine history, arts and culture.  He is the first Filipino International Achiever and one of the greatest Filipino painters who have ever lived.  In celebration of the birthday of Juan Luna, on Oct. 23, GSIS organized the Luna Walk to commemorate the special occasion and remember the contributions of a great Filipino artist.  The annual Luna Walk was initiated by Prof. Eric Zerrudo in 2003.  By 2006, GSIS Museum took over, this time, it was expanded to include Bahay Nakpil, National Museum, Luna Monument, San Agustin Church, Metropolitan Museum and GSIS Museum. For this year, his student Michael Charlton "Xiao" Chua, a professor in De La Salle University, Vice President of National Historical Institute and Panelist in ABS-CBN's Bottom Line, conducted the Luna walk and lecture.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Stored Treasure: The Purple Taxi Cab


Stored Treasure / 04 September 2011

While in Davao City, we saw this nice looking taxi cab.  Actually it's Misagh Bahadoran of Team Azkals who first saw this.  Then I just took a shot of the purple taxi cab as it's definitely a Scene Stealer for someone who's in Davao City for the first time!  My female colleagues at work who are obsessed with anything purple (and pink) will definitely want to ride this cab.  Paging Romsy, Ampy, Lelen, Jiejie Jane, Rach, visit Davao now girls!  =)  There are other colors as well!  =D

Stored Treasure: Yoohoo, Who Wants Crocodile Ice Cream?


Stored Treasure / 04 September 2011

Right after the presscon of Team Cortal SQR - Azkals in Davao City, we took a time off and headed to Crocodile Park.  While having that afternoon siesta, Azkals' Yannick Tuason, who is also from Davao, introduced us to his brothers and friends including Chef Dino Dizon (also known as the Crocodile Chef from Davao) who owns a different kind of ice cream brand dubbed as the Sweet Spot!

Just in front of the Crocodile Park, Sweet Spot offers  luscious flavors with unique names such as Mt. Apo Coffee Crush, Mangomazing, Davao Chololoco, Purple Pleasure, Peanut Brittle, Melon Madness, Crazy Monkey Banana, and the new Dragon Fruit (which I usually encounter in FB's Cafe World and Restaurant City! hehe)  But what really caught my attention is the Durian Dynamite!  Why?  'Because that's the flavor we jokingly dubbed as the Crocodile Ice Cream!  Yes folks, Durian Dynamite, Davao's local gem is mixed with another local treasure, the egg of a crocodile!  =D  Perhaps, way back, I won't be as courageous to try new or exotic dishes but I was enlightened with what Travel Time's Susan Calo Medina said in one of her interviews.  She said, on taking exotic food, "I'll try it once.  If I like it, I'll take it again.  If not, then at least I experienced it."

The Durian Dynamite Ice Cream which we jokingly dubbed as the Crocodile Ice Cream as it uses crocodile egg as ingredient.  Sorry for the crater, Misagh tried it first!  Haha =D

Misagh Bahadoran was not as adventurous so he opted for Crazy Monkey Banana.  But we joked at him and said that the flavor he chose was mixed with monkey milk!  And everyone laughed!  =D

The rest of the flavors though do not use crocodile eggs.   While the rest are enjoying their ice creams, I asked the Sweet Spot staff why is the Durian Dynamite the only flavor using the crocodile egg.  He said that the the one with crocodile egg is a little more pricey.   All the flavors are priced at PhP 35 per scoop but the Crocodile Ice Cream is at PhP 70. Well, I guess we can assume why a crocodile is more expensive than a chicken right?  =D  Anyway, Dino Dizon said that a crocodile egg is 80% egg yolk, which means it has less cholesterol.  And hence, a crocodile egg gives more protein and energy than an ordinary egg!  So there's a premium added into it!  =)

Stored Treasure: A Courtesy Call to Davao's Monarch, the Phlippine Eagle


Stored Treasure / 20 September 2011

I've frequented Luzon and Visayas but even if I hate to admit it, I've never landed in Mindanao.  The planned vacations (Davao City) and even work related trips (Basilan, Davao City and Cagayan de Oro City) never pushed through, whether they were always being rerouted to another location or plainly canceled.  But this time, I made sure the plan finally pushes through.  And lucky enough, I was Mindanao bound, via Davao City!

Well, the trip was primarily for work but I tried to look for a window of opportunity to make a side trip, at least for what Davao is most famous for since I really have a very limited time.  And unfortunately, I can't also extend this time around as I have something to do immediately the day after my flight back to Manila.

After a series of radio guestings (DZMM, Bombo Radyo and RMN) and lunch at Harana, I headed to one of Davao's prides, the Philippine Eagle Center!  =)

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Stored Treasure: The River Cruise to Bayanihan Spirit -- Baybay Ilog, Bye-bye Basura for the Lubao-Sasmuan River Cruise


Stored Treasure / 19 June 2011

The Philippines is a country of rivers.  In fact, we have about 421 river systems spread all throughout the archipelago.  There is no doubt how the rivers have influenced  us as a people.  For example, Tagalog, the language, the people and the region, came from the word Taga-Ilog (from the river) as the provinces surrounding the region evolved with the river system.

A view at the Loboc-Sasmuan River

And from what I learned in my Asian Civilization and World History classes when I was studying, it is in river systems where great civilizations flourished -- Tigris and Euphrates Rivers for the Persian and Mesopotamian civilizations, Nile  River for the Egyptian civilization, Indus River for the  Indian civilization and Huang or Yellow River for the Chinese civilization.  This body of water provide communities with food, water for drinking, household chores and domestic animals, irrigation for farm lands, access to transportation, a venue for trade and a place for rest and recreation.  There's no doubt, rivers have been part and parcel of our lives.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Treasure Find 23 -- Journey to the "Lost" Island of Sabtang (Da Best Sa Batanes part 4)


Batanes...blessed or cursed?  Its isolation from the rest of the country preserved its pristine beauty but at the same time somehow kept it away from progress and life's advancement. 

There's no doubt, Batanes is among the most beautiful, if not the most beautiful, places on Earth.  The prehistoric violence on Earth's soil and the province's eventual geographic location molded the magnificent beauty it possesses now.  As it's away from the effects of too much modernization and the wrath of pollution, Batanes was able to keep its natural gifts and the peaceful way of life of its people.

But while they are isolated, some things are left difficult to do.  Going back and forth to Batanes is costly, on the average, one must allocate around PhP 30,000.  Sometimes, one may have the money but the goods are not available in the islands.  If the weather is not good, ships won't dare to sail or go to their place to bring the things they need.  

Stored Treasure: Wowed by the Carabaos! -- The Pulilan Carabao Festival


Stored Treasure / 21 May 2011

In my quest to chronicle every Philippine treasure that I can possibly see,  I started being pro-active in personally checking out the wonderful things that our country has to offer.  May 15 is such a fantastic date as many things are happening all through out the Philippines.  Last year, I was able to experience the unique Pahiyas Festival in Lucban, Quezon.  But this year, the May 15 event I chose to witness is the Pulilan Carabao Festival (which is just two towns away from my ancestor's place)!  =)

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Stored Treasure: The Return to Luneta


Stored Treasure / 15 May 2011

In my blog post The Lion, The Trip and The Photos – The Chronicles of Singapura, I made a personal commitment then that I will definitely "see" again and have my photo taken at our country's national landmark Luneta Park. The reason for this is the realization that I always had my photo taken at the official landmark of every place I visit but I’ve never done this in our country’s very own Luneta Park.

When I say "see" that means to actually take a deeper look, appreciate and experience our very own tourist spot.  Well I for one somehow overlooked Luneta.  I actually studied at a university in Intramuros which is just beside the park and worked at a company based in UN Avenue, which is also beside Luneta. And I must admit, I took for granted my geographic advantage.  I actually just walked through Luneta Park to cross from one street to another end.   (Well that of course is beside the numerous visits my family had when I was a toddler which my mom told me but I can't recall).

Monday, April 16, 2012

Stored Treasure: Finding the last craftsman of pastillas de leche wrapper of Bulacan


Stored Treasure / 21 April 2011

I started my blog in the week of February 22 to 25, 2010 and today, I have just written my 100th story / blog post.   And I wanted the 100th to be a special one.  As such, for the 100th story of Tatak Digitista, under the Bayanihan Republic section, I especially picked this one and and actually conducted field research and interviews to complete the story.

Nanay Luz Ocampo, considered the last craftsman of pastillas de leche wrapper of Bulacan

When new found friends or colleagues always learn that my family is from Malolos, Bulacan, they usually ask a request from me to bring and let them taste Bulacan's native delicacies like inipit, kakanin, ensaymadang Malolos and... pastillas.  I usually tell them the story about pastillas de leche and the lola (grandmother) who makes well crafted pastillas wrapper (also called pabalat), considered to be the last of her kind.  The promise I give my friends is, once I found this lola, I will surely bring the said delicacy as pasalubong (pasalubong is a Filipino tradition where one brings gifts, tokens or delicacies from the place he visited or came from).  Oh my, what have I gotten myself into?  =)

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Stored Treasure: A taste of healthier life in Bohol Bee Farm


Stored Treasure / 05 June 2010

When I was coordinating for our Bohol trip, I asked Vicki Pastoriza of Camp Cebu where else to go in Bohol aside from Chocolate Hills, Alona Beach, Loboc and Tarsier Sanctuary. And in an instant, she said Bohol Bee Farm in Panglao!  I got curious and interested about the place since it has never been in the province's tourism map so I guessed the bee farm must really be something new and nice to explore.  I informed everyone coming to the trip about it and I guess all of them got excited too!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Treasure Find 22: Four Blessings and A Smile -- Our Visita Iglesia in Bulacandia


Every Holy Week, our family and relatives have a tradition -- Pabasa (day long chanting of Jesus Christ's story), Walk to Kapitangan and sometimes Prusisyon (procession of biblical images).  That's why it's a NO NO for me to go elsewhere at that time of the year since our family have a yearly Lenten practice and a reunion as well.  How can I let go of such wonderful tradition and bonding time right?  Anyway, while planning for this year's Holy Week activities, my Tita Elvie and I thought of something different this time around.  And that gave birth to the idea of a day long, Bulacan-wide Visita Iglesia!

Visita Iglesia is a Catholic tradition done every Holy Week to pray and remember Christ's life, death and resurrection.  This is just like the Stations of the Cross where people stop and pray every station (there are 14 stations) that represents a stage in the Passion of the Christ.  In Visita Iglesia on the other hand, each church represents a station.  

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Stored Treasure: A Taste of Singapore's Cultural Mixes


Stored Treasure / 25 December 2010

Explore Singapore - Day 6 and 7

Okay, I know this post, the last of my Explore Singapore series, is long overdue, but please bear with me, and let me conclude it the right way.  =)

Anyway, this post will narrate my last exploits (Days 6 and 7) in the Lion City: Orchard Road, Lucky Plaza, Sri Mariamman temple, Chinatown and Laupasat.

My cousin Rose and I met at the MRT station in Clementi and headed for the first location in our itinerary - Orchard Road. Well, I heard this is just like our very own Ayala Center or Makati Central Business District but I guess it's still worth seeing.  I'm a fan of cosmopolitan cityscapes anyway! =)

Jandy I initially planned to go to Lucky Plaza  (the mall in Orchard Road where Filipinos go to during their day-off) on a Sunday but we ran out of time.  But I will not let my week pass without seeing it so my cousin Rosey again became my tour guide here.  And of course, you have to forgive me, I can't not have my photo taken at the facade of this mall! =D (feeling OFW!)  And when we went inside, although it's not Sunday, the mall is still very Filipino - the people, the food, the stores, the remittance centers etc.  I guess this is a haven for Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) who miss home. 

Stored Treasure: Boys' Toys -- ooops, and Girls' too!


Stored Treasure / 15 November 2010

Explore Singapore - Day 6, Part 1

We've always been used to museums that house archaeological artifacts, dioramas and other historical finds, that help keep and enrich a specific cultural heritage.  So when I first heard about the MINT (Moment of Imagination and Nostalgia with Toys) Museum of Toys in Singapore, I immediately got curious and excited!  Well, that's because I am both passionately serious about history and playfully child like on toy collection! =)

And in the Day 6 of my Explore Singapore mission, my cousin Rose (we actually used to call her Osang when she was a kid hehe), was my guide for the day since Jandy has to go to work that time.  We then explored the rest of the spots that were left in my target list, one of which, of course, is the MINT Museum of Toys.

Stored Treasure: The Lion, The Treat and The Photos -- The Chronicles of Singapura


Stored Treasure / 12 November 2010

Explore Singapore - Day 5, Part 3

Everytime I visit a country or a province in the Philippines, I always see to it that I have a shot and a photo with the place's landmark or where its known for as backdrop.  So my Explore Singapore wouldn't be complete without a photo with the Merlion!

Right after touring Asia in 3 hours (via the Asian Civilizations Museum), we crossed the bridge, took snapshots of the vicinity and the interesting people walking the place. 

"Stop the wedding!"  Is the girl trying to stop the wedding?  =)

Stored Treasure: Around Asia in 3 Hours!


Stored Treasure / 10 November 2010

Explore Singapore - Day 5, Part 2

Multi-armed Quan-Am, 18th Century or later, North Vietnam.  Mahayana Buddhism was brought to Vietnam from China during the early 1st millennium CE, and by the 2nd century CE, Hanoi had become an important center for Buddhism.

I think I have previous posts declaring my passion for history, specifically on ancient civilizations.  I cannot pin point the actual reason but perhaps it may have started with my fascination on stories that dissect the essence of every race or the backdrop of temples, castles and other architectural wonders sans modern technology; or perhaps it's because of the influence by the popular media I grew up with and eventually embraced (e.g. Indiana Jones, The Adventures of Tintin, The National Geographic etc.); or perhaps it's brought up by my thirst for our people's authentic identity through my quest for pre-colonial literature, artifacts and historical data.  And with that, the Asian Civilizations Museum can't be in the list in my Explore Singapore mission.  And here it is, my Around Asia tour in 3 Hours! =)

Stored Treasure: The Mark of Jurong Bird Park


Stored Treasure / 30 October 2010

Explore Singapore - Day 5, Part 1

It's my Day 5 in Singapore and still my sched is pretty packed with exciting activities and places to check out!

First in the in the itinerary is the third in Singapore's wildlife triad, the Jurong Bird Park!  And since it's my friend Jandy's birthday that day, his entrance fee in the facility is totally free!  =)  We arrived at the park at around 11 am and we were lucky to catch on the time the Birds n Buddies show!

Stored Treasure: Singapore by Night


Stored Treasure / 29 October 2010

Explore Singapore - Day 4, Part 2

Singapore by Night may first ring the thought of bars, beers and party animals but this post talks about another kind of commune and creatures of the night.  =)  This is about Singapore's famous attraction Night Safari and its animals that wander in the dark and gather under the moonlight.  Well, it's quite similar sans the loud music, alcoholic drinks and people who gets helplessly drunk at night. =)

When I heard there was a plan of having a trip to Singapore, the first thing I thought of not missing is the Night Safari.  Well, the primary considerations for the trip then were the opening of Sentosa and Universal Studios, but for me, Night Safari shouldn't be out of the list.

After that tiring but fulfilling walk at the Singapore Zoo (and after having that big meal in KFC!), we headed to the Night Safari.  And what welcomed us is the fascinating Thumbuakar Performance featuring fire-eating, acrobatic and roaring stunts!

Stored Treasure: The Wild Side of Singapore


Stored Treasure / 23 October 2010

Explore Singapore - Day 4

We've always known Singapore for its tall buildings, cosmopolitan cityscape and urban lifestyle. 'But have you seen the city's wild side?  Wait, wait, don't get me wrong.  This time, am not being figurative.  And being literal is a good thing this time around hehe.  When I said wild side, I didn't mean about the dirty secrets of the city I fell in love with.  The wild side I'm talking about is Singapore's wildlife triad, the 3 Wildlife Reserves Singapore (WRS) parks - the Singapore Zoo, Night Safari and Jurong Bird Park. And this post focuses on my trip to the Singapore Zoo!  =)

The other tiger of Singapore, the white tigers in Singapore Zoo =)

Stored Treasure: More of Singapore


Stored Treasure / 19 October 2010

Explore Singapore - Day 3

The Tiger of Asia =).  This is what I got in Saint James Power Station - Singapore's Tiger Beer. =)

Day 3 - We were scheduled for a City tour from 9 am to 12 noon but since we will be checking out at 1 PM, Neil, Henry and I decided to cancel the tour and cherish our last hours at the hotel hehe. 

So right after breakfast, I went back to bed and had a luxurious sleep, Neil took a swim, and Henry, I think, strolled the malls.

Stored Treasure: The Hunt for Good Dinner


Stored Treasure / 15 October 2010

Explore Singapore - Day 2, Part 2

We arrived at Pan Pacific Hotel from Universal Studios at around 7 PM.  So right after freshening up, we started thinking what a good dinner will be.  Well, of course, we didn't join the Night Safari so we need to compensate the evening with something equal or better.  And, the verdict, we decided to go to Chinatown to hunt for a good dinner (instead of Bugis)!

Stored Treasure: Fan and Fun in Universal Studios


Stored Treasure / 13 October 2010

Explore Singapore - Day 2, Part 1

Hong Kong and Singapore have been rivals in economy, in regional operations location, and in tourism.  So when Hong Kong got Disneyland a few years ago, I just thought HK got the upper hand. =) 'But Singapore did not take this sitting down and fought back big time with the opening of Universal Studios early this year!  =)  And as always, it's us, customers who benefit from this healthy competition. =)

At last, Universal Studios! =)
The world is in my hands!
So after touring HK Disneyland in 2008, it's SG Universal Studios this time around!

Stored Treasure: The New Thing in Baby Care!


Stored Treasure / 10 October 10

The New Thing in Baby Care!
This photo was taken on Day 4 of my "Explore Singapore" mission but I can't wait to share this with all of you.  =)  Actually, you already saw the sneak peek in my Facebook but here's the rest of the details.  I saw this scene as we entered the Singapore Zoo on October 3.  I was amazed with this scene and immediately took a photo of it! 

The first question went into my head was, how could a parent put his baby or toddler in this cart??  'But as I analyze the situation, touring Singapore Zoo indeed takes long walks so I guess the dad in the photo found a perfect way on how he and his kid enjoy the zoo.  It may seem odd or unconventional but as long as the baby's safe and comfortable, I am for any innovation in baby care.  And that's what you call Uniquely Singapore.  =)

Stored Treasure: Explore Singapore! (Day 1 -- The Magic of Sentosa)


Stored Treasure / 10 October 10

Explore Singapore - Day 1

Merlion, the symbol of Singapore

First, in 2008, our tour was an Asian Cruise via Star Cruise Virgo that sailed the South China Sea and brought us in Sanya City in China, Halong Bay in Vietnam and Hong Kong.  Then in 2009, we all flew to Shanghai.  And for 2010, we decided to invade no less than the lion city, Singapore! =)

Stored Treasure: When I Fall for Cebu and Bohol


Stored Treasure / 04 September 2010

I'm sorry I've been a delinquent blogger for a few months already.  Though it may already sound cliche, but my sched has really been horrible!  As I shared with my team, hell weeks are over, it's hell year.  Anyway, now that I just finished a big blockbuster event, I am able to claim back my Saturday night to revisit my blog.  And oh my, I just found out that i have draft post that I was not able to publish!  Anyway, I'm still sharing it with you guys.  Please see my post below on "When I Fall for Cebu and Bohol".

I think this was my 5th time in the queen city of the south Cebu but I still get excited everytime I visit the place because though I'm miles away from Manila, I feel I never left my hometown yet fab sites are just within reach from the city. Magellan’s Cross, Tops, Ayala Center Cebu, Waterfront, Chicharong Carcar, Lechon Cebu, Dried Mangoes, Mango Balls, Otap are just few of the things that makes Cebu a favorite destination for me. ‘But for this trip, zero sleep, tiredness and lack of time made me stay and rest inside the Maco Polo Hotel, well most of the time.

I may not have been able to go around the city but this trip became the most memorable and valuable one for me not because I found a new hangout place or taste another native dish, but for having that brief but memorable encounter with a child who once filled our home with smiles, joy, excitement, inspiration and life. 

Little Mags was ten meters away from me when I saw him at Ayala Center Cebu and I can see him with big smiles, shouting and excited to approach me.  And he's just a two year old kid and I've not seen him for more than a year!  What a wonder boy! =)  So we didn't waste any time and spent every minute well playing, shopping, eating, laughing, talking, picture taking and calling over the phone the rest in the family.  As expected, goodbye will be hard, but though bonding time was brief, it's just priceless.  And that encounter relieved all the stress I had while preparing for this trip.

The next day, after having a big breakfast at Marco Polo, we started packing for our trip to Bohol.  From Cebu, the trip to Bohol was approximately two hours via SuperCat, enough time to take a refreshing nap. This is my second time to Bohol but I think, like for Cebu, I also fell in love with the island.  Bohol is just blessed with many natural wonders - beach, corals, river, hills, animals (tarsiers, dolphins), sites and of course, wonderful people!  =)  And that what makes it a paradise!

We checked in at Bohol Beach Club and as mentioned in previous posts, we tried Dolphin Watching in Pamilacan Island, Loboc River Cruise and Bohol Bee Farm Tour. We also dropped by and checked out (my second time) the world famous Chocolate Hills, the manmade mahogany forest and Baclayon Church. 

manmade mahogany forest going to Chocolate Hills in Carmen, Bohol

the world famous Chocolate Hills

Baclayon Church

Bohol Beach Club

It was a short side trip but the out of town getaway was worthwhile not only for me but for everyone who joined the trip.  I know we can't stay forever in paradise but the experience definitely recharged our heart, body and soul to go back and face again the challenges that await us in the city.  So, 'til the next trip! =)

the group at Loboc River