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Stored Treasure: More of Singapore


Stored Treasure / 19 October 2010

Explore Singapore - Day 3

The Tiger of Asia =).  This is what I got in Saint James Power Station - Singapore's Tiger Beer. =)

Day 3 - We were scheduled for a City tour from 9 am to 12 noon but since we will be checking out at 1 PM, Neil, Henry and I decided to cancel the tour and cherish our last hours at the hotel hehe. 

So right after breakfast, I went back to bed and had a luxurious sleep, Neil took a swim, and Henry, I think, strolled the malls.

At around 11 am, we checked out, deposited our things at the concierge, and went to Marina Square and had lunch there.  We ate at the mall's food court and we bought lunch at Claypot Rice.  The dish ordered is served in a claypot where it's cooked.  And I got roast pork claypot.  It smelled and tasted nice, and the crisp rice at the bottom of the claypot added to the flavor.

Roast Pork Clay Pot.  It smelled and tasted nice and the crispy rice at the bottom of the claypot added to the flavor.

Neil enjoying his claypot meal!
We went back to Pan Pacific at around 2 and waited for Jandy to pick us up.  While waiting for him, we took some shots of our home for 3 days and 2 nights.

A different view of Pan Pacific Hotel Singapore.  We just realized that we didn't take any photos of  the hotel so we immediately took shots.

A shot of Merlion from the Pan Pacific Hotel.  Imagine, Merlion is kilometers away (I think more than 4 kilometers away) from our hotel and I got this awesome shot! 

Then when Jandy arrived, we accompanied Neil to the hotel where he'll be staying for another day.  And guess where that hotel is?  Hehe, it's at the Fragrance Hotel in Geylang!  =)  You're the man Neil!  Haha, just kidding, he ended up staying there when last minute problems came up in the place where he should have stayed.  And since it's last minute, no other hotels have available rooms to accommodate him.  So he's lucky enough, well very lucky enough, to have a room in Fragrance Hotel!  Hehehe.

Anyway, we had siesta time in his place and then looked for a nice place to eat.  Jandy brought us to Geylang Famous Beee Kway Teow where we first tasted their version of carrot cake and the popular cereal prawns!  Oh my, this was the real food trip!  I loved every bite of what we've eaten! =)

Seafood rice
Their version of carrot cake
Cereal Prawn.  This is now among my favorites! =)
Water Chestnut Juice
Sambal Kangkong.  This time, Filipino / Tagalog doesn't just have a similar sounding term for a Malay word, they are actually the same!  Kangkong! 

Neil in heat because of the cereal prawn and carrot cake! =D

After that, Jandy brought me to their place where I'll be staying for the next 4 days.  =)

Jandy and his housemates / friends brought me to Vivo City.  And the first thing that caught my attention was the National Geographic Shop and Cafe!

at the entrance of Nat Geo shop

Nat Geo Cafe!  Awesome!  =)
More of Nat Geo merchandise

Nat Geo Gallery

And then since everyone is craving for a Japanese dish, we stormed to Aoba / Botejyu Japanese restaurant for dinner! =)

This is what I ordered, tempura.  I am not as adventurous this time around.  =)

Piping Hot Okos!  This tastes like fish omelet. 

Yup, they're cleaning up and we're still not finished eating dinner! =)

After  that, as I requested from my friend, we watched a movie at around 11 pm.  We saw "The Switch" of Jennifer Aniston.  It's a feel good movie that started hilarious but ended up emo.  =)  But it's a perfect Friday night film to take the stress away!  (Hmmm, I think I didn't have stress that day as I'm away, miles away from work!  Hehe)  =)

Golden Village Theater in Vivo City

Soltera.  I just took photo of a girl patiently waiting for someone.  hehe =)
LQ.  Another story, the girl had a quarrel with his boy.  And the guy is no less than heartbreaker Ian!  hehe

The Walang Tuluganatics Gang

True to their joke (huh? hehe), the walang tuluganatics (no sleep) gang, as I called them, brought me to Saint James Power Station to drink and chill out.  And I think we stayed until 3 am until we finally decided to go home as Jandy and I are zoo bound in the morning! =)

Saint James Power Station

with good old and new found friends in Saint James Power Station

Indeed there are two ways how one will enjoy Singapore, walk as a tourist or walk as one of them.  Thank goodness I have good old and new found friends to help me experience the other side of discovering Singapore, from tourist to explorer.  Both ways have their own merits, and both helped me accomplish my mission -- Explore Singapore. =)

Up next is my wild trip to Singapore Zoo and Night Safari!  That's Explore Singapore Day 4! =)

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