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Stored Treasure: The Lion, The Treat and The Photos -- The Chronicles of Singapura


Stored Treasure / 12 November 2010

Explore Singapore - Day 5, Part 3

Everytime I visit a country or a province in the Philippines, I always see to it that I have a shot and a photo with the place's landmark or where its known for as backdrop.  So my Explore Singapore wouldn't be complete without a photo with the Merlion!

Right after touring Asia in 3 hours (via the Asian Civilizations Museum), we crossed the bridge, took snapshots of the vicinity and the interesting people walking the place. 

"Stop the wedding!"  Is the girl trying to stop the wedding?  =)

foydi at the bridge (pardon me, i can only do this pose outside of Manila!) =D


"The Children of Raffles."  I hope they're not the same children from the movie "The Haunted"! ;-O

"Oldy but Busy"

"After Work"

The River Cruise

"I'm on my way home."


Here's my shot of the Merlion from a terrace in Pan Pacific Hotel Singapore!  That's how awesome my cam is! =D

The Merlion is Singapore's official symbol and landmark.  It is an imaginary creature with the head of a lion and the body of a fish.   Its name combines "mer" meaning the sea and "lion". 

The fish body symbolizes Singapore's ancient name Temasek which is "sea town" in Javanese. The lion head meanwhile represents the discovery of Singapore by Prince Nila Utama in 11th century, when Singapore's original name Singapura (Singa means Lion and Pura means City in Sanskrit) got its present name. 

The Merlion is spitting!  This is a violation in SG! =D

At last, I now have a pic with the Merlion!  Explore Singapore is now complete! =)  But I actually realized that I don't have a photo yet with our country's very own landmark -- the Rizal Shrine in Luneta!  What an irony!  Okay, that will be my next project! =D

Rizal Shrine in Luneta Park, Manila, The Philippines.  Photo is from

"Victory in the City"

The view of Esplanade from Merlion Park

"There's no retirement in love".  Earlier, I had a shot of newly weds.  Now, I assume these two old folks are long time couple! =)

The hit ice cream sandwich flocked by Singaporeans during rush hour.

from newly weds to newly retired to new parents

After having that courtesy call with Singapore's Merlion, Jandy and I hurried back to Clementi for his birthday treat!  =D  What a way to end a fantastic day!  Happy Birthday again my friend!

Jandy's nth birthday! =D

The gang at Jandy's Birthday Treat

You just witnessed the Lion, the Treat and the Photos!  And that wraps up the part 3, day 6 of my mission Explore Singapore.   Up next is Day 6 which narrates my and my cousin Rose's exploits in Orchard Road, Lucky Plaza, Mint Museum of Toys, Chinatown, Sri Mariamman Hindu Temple and Lau Pa Sat!

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