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Stored Treasure: The Hunt for Good Dinner


Stored Treasure / 15 October 2010

Explore Singapore - Day 2, Part 2

We arrived at Pan Pacific Hotel from Universal Studios at around 7 PM.  So right after freshening up, we started thinking what a good dinner will be.  Well, of course, we didn't join the Night Safari so we need to compensate the evening with something equal or better.  And, the verdict, we decided to go to Chinatown to hunt for a good dinner (instead of Bugis)!

We then explored the rails and walk ways of Singapore's MRT.  And armed with the guts to ask questions among strangers and enough coins in our pockets, of course, we were able to reach our destination... Singapore's Chinatown!

And what did we get for dinner?  Well, it's no less than Singapore's gastronomic icon Chili Crab!  And indeed, it's a perfect replacement for a Night Safari!  (Well, I actually planned to do that on another day hehe.) It's hell hot and heavenly delicious!  No wonder this is everyone's reco for a food trip. Paired with ice cold beer, our dinner is truly a perfect way to end a tiring day. =)

The hell hot and heavenly delicious Chili Crab of Singapore!
Cool beer

Before going back to the hotel, we passed by at Clark Quay first.
My best pal Jandy accompanied my colleagues and I in my Explore Singapore mission - Day 2! =)  In photo are (from left): Neil, Joanne, Henry Jandy and myself.
A scene on our way back to the hotel.
Singapore by night
Singapore by night

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