Saturday, March 22, 2014

Treasure Find 36 - Feast Time!

Hi folks! I know I left you hanging because foydi's Treasure Hunt was in hybernation last year. There's no excuse and all I want to do now is catch up. :)

But for the curious ones, here's a snapshot of what happened last year:

Ok, let me start this post with a question given to me by a friend: "What's your biggest blessing last year, 2013?"

I immediately responded but ran out of words when I was zeroing in to my point, in to what I really want to say. In my mind, 2013 like 2012, was a roller coaster ride.  But unlike 2012 where there were fixed wins like a new job, great travels and a swan song, 2013 was a stable up and down (ironic right?!).  In 2013, I did have good travels, but so as bad ones.  I made a mark at work but it was also the first time I was strongly challenged by office politics. I made new friends but lost some as well.  Clan bond is slowly getting back but the blacksheeps are still there.  So what exactly was the biggest blessing in 2013? It couldn't be a zero!

Yes, it couldn't be a zero because I realized that my biggest blessing in 2013 is something life changing, something that really matters.  That is the FEAST. That is the Makati Feast.

But then I realized, I've known about Feast not just last year.

When I was in college and when I was still a part of our theater group Teatro Intramuros, we staged Noli at the Aguinaldo Theater in QC. Our call time then was early so I got to see people at the theater who were cheerfully and youthfully attending a faith gathering. And I believe it's Feast.  And I felt that was the community I wanted to be part of because it demonstrated the same youthful spirit as the World Youth Day Celebration in Manila where I actively participated. And it became the benchmark for me. And wait, there's more. :) I think I also saw Brother Bo Sanchez at that time, the same person who was in our Kerygma magazine subscription in Paco Catholic School!  I actually got a Feast card (green one) from them.  So there you go, it was my chance to be part of it but it didn't happen.  But I guess it was not yet the time as my sched and Feast's service were in conflict then.

And then around a decade passed. Yes, it's a long 10 years folks. In 2008 or 2009, my media friend Donnell talked to me about Feast.  Right then, I still didn't recall that it's the same Feast I admired in college.  But I was also on the look for a faith community at that time because I've been praying that I'll be a better Christian and I can't do it by myself.  But our industry, the communications agency business, demands long hours from us.  I usually go home at 10 pm, everyday. Donnell eventually left the country and I wasn't able to attend even one Feast prayer meeting.  He gave me the contact person I can reach out to. But I told him in Facebook that I'll just fix my schedule and make sure to attend. But again, it didn't happen.

Then I started blogging.  And it helped me fix my schedule. :)  I told myself, if I can do it for my hobby, then I should be able to do it for my faith.  And in 2012, there was a big answered prayer and I felt I need to reciprocate God's love and fulfill my promise.  Then I searched online. And I finally found Feast one more through Makati Feasts's Facebook page. I messaged them inquiring how I can be part of it.  And they replied nicely that I just need to go there.

And in January 2013, I ended the procastination and finally attended Feast for the first time! And I'm glad I did.

I love my work and I'm passionate about my craft but it drains me a lot of times. I love and care for my family and I will always be strong for them but sometimes, I need someone stronger to hold on to. I value my friends but I know we can't be together all the time as we explore our own lives and fulfill our lives' missions.  So when I felt my life's pillars and myself are not that strong enough, Feast was there and led me back to Jesus, introduced me to brothers and sisters who are willing to join me in the journey and showed me how life could be much better, happier and fulfilling.  Every prayer meeting, every talk by Feast builder is a life therapy session that makes me a better person each day. Every CG meeting is an opportunity to talk without being judged, a step to creating new bonds.  Every activity is a chance to be closer to God, to be a better Christian.

With that said, it doesn't mean I'm completely much better now.  I still go through the challenges.   I still get into my boiling point. Sometimes I become delinquent by being away from the group for a long time.  It's a struggle.  It's a journey.  But I won't give up.  And I guess, my Feast brothers and sisters won't give up on me as well.  I'm taking it slowly but I'll get there.  But definitely what Feast offered me is the opportunity to live a more meaningful life with the support of a very welcoming and inspiring community.  As I also joke to my close friends, with Feast, it's now cool to be Catholic hehe (same feeling I feel with JP2, Pope Francis and World Youth Day celebrations).

Thank you Brother Randy, Brother Jan, Gladys, Lawrence, Connie, Cai, Richard, Jay-R, Jericho, Pat, JP, my Love Life 7 batchmates, the greeters, and all the wounded healers in Makati Feast.  I'm so looking forward to growing my relationship with God with you. I know it will be more fun, and of course meaningful! :)  Indeed with Feast, becoming blessed 24/7 is possible. Till the next Feast Time folks! :)

So my 36th treasure find, my biggest blessing of 2013 is nothing less but the Feast.  :)

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