Wednesday, December 31, 2014

10 Things I am Thankful for this #Stronger2014

Ilang oras na lang 2015 na!  And at this time of the year, I can't help but look back and reflect on what happened in the last year and look forward for the next.

I could say it's been a good 2015.  During this time last year, I forged the personal battle cry of #Stronger2014.  Coming from a bloody but victorious 2013 (#Win2013), I just felt I ought to be stronger this year.  And I think I was able to accomplish that through the help of our boss up there, family, true friends and dependable colleagues.

So let me thank them one by one.

1. Baby Gio & Famies
You are God's gift to your parents, to your sister, to us.  You brought the family together.  You're delight to everyone in the family.  Your sunny smile, your infectious laughter and your hyper energetic dance moves make us crazy for you! :)  Ako, being ninong, tito and kuya to many kids, I thought I've mastered the skill of taking care of kids.  But you raised the bar boy!  As your parents are in Dubai, mama and I made sure to connect the care to you.  Weekends are precious to me as it's time for me to unwind and catch up with my sleep.  But when I'm home in Malolos, it's okay to forego of those because I couldn't resist taking care of you.  Just imagine me trying to get some sleep at around 1 am and you waking up to talk and play at around 3 or 4 am.  I am always sleepless and restless but it's okay.  I couldn't resist you  smiling and calling me "D" (short for Tito Ferdie) at the wee hours of the day. As you grow up, I know you will be together with your  family and we will surely miss you.  It will break our hearts but we know it's better for you to grow up with your daddy, mommy and ate.  I'm still thankful that we were given the chance to take care, spend time and bond with you.  And we'll treasure all the moments.

And of course I'm also thankful for my famies and the rest of our relatives who have been supportive of us, helping take care of baby Gio, making our family much bigger one.  Thank you to my superstar mama, Kuya Tojo, Te Flor, Chelsea, Mags as well as Ta Malou, To Rio, Ta Weng, Alan, Ruth, CK, Nina and Jessa, among others!

2. Feasties
In high school, I was called by some as Defender of Faith as I've mastered salient points in Catholic doctrine and explained it with conviction to classmate non-believers.  But decades after, I still feel I'm in baby steps in my spiritual journey because before, everything is cerebral.  But thank you to my Feast brothers and sisters, I've started to embrace the faith by heart.  Thank you Feasties for being patient with me, for joining  me in my spiritual journey.  Thank you Brother Jan, Lawrence, JP, Gladys, Connie, Shekinah, Richard, Dearden, and Jacob among others.

3. Besties
My work requires me to be extrovert but to be honest, I really am introvert by nature.  That means I only have few friends but the good thing is, they're all real.  As what I've said many times, di bale ng konti, wag lang peke! :)  It's  a waste of time to keep people who can't be your friends in the first place.  So I thank all my besties for staying with me through the years.

Jandy Alien - I'm home to Singapore because of you and the Quichos.  Thank you for the hospitality, generosity and friendship.  Thank you for staying connected.  I'm looking forward to our great travels!

Alina Mayekokak - Our past is so precious that our every exchange of message is just like yesterday.  For sure, we're still the best of friends until old age.  I'm excited on your visit to the Philippines!  Let's make it last a lifetime! :)

Leah Violeta - You just know every detail of my life even if we don't see each other often (parang greeting lang ng celebs sa TV hehe).  Just like Mae, I'm so honored to have you in my life.  Tayo na lang nasa Pinas, we should see each other more often, and Skype Mae all the time!  (KakaoTalk na lang, client ko sila hehe).

Nonoy Yero - You and your family are family and blessing to me.  Thank you for opening your home to me.  I love Gwen and Yuri!  Mahal ko kayo, hanggang sa pagtanda! :)

Dustbin - Thank you for everything.  I miss our long chats.  With the technology around, we hope we can talk more in 2015.  Salamat din sa pag-unawa.  Bawi ako sa'yo pagdating mo! :)

4. GenExCaprilians and Buwis Buhay Gang
When I started working, I was a reluctant PR practitioner (even if I'm one of the scholars of PRSP or the Public Relations Society of the Philippines).  But my perspective changed when I started working in Campaigns & Grey PR / CaPRI.  I consider my stint in CaPRI as the prime of my career.  It's hard work but our team was able to make it not just bearable but worthwhile and fun!  So Gen ExCaprilians, thank you for the wonderful years and staying connected - Fearless Richard, Ampy, Jiejie Jane, Romina, Rach, Diet and Henry.  Our batch is like my work alma mater. :)

And when a new team was forged, our Buwis Buhay Gang was created!  Thank you Tricia Tuneknek and Carlychingching for being part of the core team! As we've shared more accounts together, I consider you my first padawans. :)  I wish you all the best in your careers and life!  Make me proud! :)

5. Fleishies
If my previous work was the prime of my career, I consider my current stint in FleishmanHillard as a legacy.  My work career goals are slowly turning into reality here in FH.  My work playground has been expanded from the Philippines to Asia Pacific.  Aside from working with my APAC counterparts for some projects, I was also sent to Singapore for Win It training and to Hong Kong for Selling Go Beyond conference (and Social Media Roadshow in 2012).  These experiences widened my horizons and it inspired me more to create and roll-out more meaningful campaigns and groundbreaking projects.  Thank you Cosette Romero, Beth Boswel and Lyn Anne Davis and to all the FH APAC executives for all the opportunities.  My team and I will continue to make you proud. :)

5. Tulay Alambre Gang
Tony, Ali and Anna, you're a fulfillment of a vision for the Consumer Marketing, Brand Communications and Digital practice group.  You may not realize it but I really am proud of your inclusion in my team.  As I told you, it won't be easy but it's going to be worth it.  :)   Brace yourselves for a #Groundbreaking2015 and you will take and be proud of the experience for the rest of your lives.  We'll continue to make history. :)

6. Pressies
I never expected that I'll meet some good friends as I do my work.  As a reluctant extrovert, it was not easy for me.  But I met good people along the way.  And that changed me a lot.  Lucky me!

Em Guevarra and Jeff Valisno - I'm honored that our friendship is beyond work. :)  Thank you!  It means a lot to me.  Let's spend more time this year! :)

To all my media friends who supported us - Tina, Tita Corrie, Kenneth, Ruth Navarra, Ms. Rica, Ms. Ching, Sir Roman, Kathy, Mai, Owen, Sir Art, Badong, Irene, Tricia, Ms. Armin, Tita F, Sir Gerard, Ms. Lali, Jo, Thea, Edwin, Trixie, Ira, Jo M., Ms. Dinah, Ms. Tessa, Sir Jojo, Sir AA, Ms. Thelma, Ms. Millet, Ms. Linda, Ms. Chelo, Ms. Leah, Ms. Bhaby, Vans, Peter, Kat, Sheila, Euden, Deni Rose, Ms. Gianna, Sir Isah, Carla, Ben, Paolo, Tisha, Peejo, Ms. Virginia and Ms. Che, among many others, thank you from the bottom of my heart! :)

7. Bloggies
To my new found friends EdLou - Thank you!  I never thought another friendship can be forged in this showbiz like circle!  Thank you for the friendship, honesty and all the help. :)

To Barbie - I'm happy that we're able to catch up, patch up and reconnect :)  Thank you! :)  'Hope to see more of you in 2015! :)

To all the loyal and supportive bloggies - Cristelle, Rey, Richard, Chuckie, Yen, Vince G., Mae, Angeline, JR, Vince N., David, Sumi, Laureen, FPJ, John Michael, Rodel, Earth, Ruthilicious, Az, Enzo, Raffy, Ted, Myke, Jen A, Jeffrey A., Iris P., Iris A., Mauie, Teacher Jo, Teacher Julie, Rain, Sella, Edsel, Jeng, Dale, MJ, Flow, Richard P., Ning, Marjorie, Olga, Gretchen, Paul, Dianne, Gian, Jam, Mervin, Melo, Ferdz, Ramil, Edgar, Naprey, Jane, Ria, Sinjin, Miong, Doyzki, Lui, Marco, Dean, Enrico, Vanj, Ruby, Melandria, Cath, Jing, Arvin, Rod and Jessie, among many others,  big thanks to all of you!

8. Don Anderson
Anderson knows! :)  Digital is one complicated world but navigating it become more fun and fulfilling since I started working with you and the rest of our team in FH Asia Pacific.  Thank you for the confidence and mentorship.  I really look up to you.  I'm proud to have been under your wing.   'Hope to catch up with you  soon! :)

9. Clients
You're only as good as your last campaign.  PR is not just one of the most stressful jobs in the world, it's also one of the toughest.  Proving yourself, you skills and your worth is a day to day thing.  And it could really kill you.  But I faced it not with fear but with fun so I guess that's the reason why things went well.  I am deeply honored with all the brands and organizations who gave me and my team their trust and their confidence - Electrolux, SM Lifestyle & Entertainment, KakaoTalk, Anytime Fitness, 51Talk, Krem-Top and WWF.  I'm already excited to roll out our plans for the year!  Here's to a #Groundbreaking2015!

10. Blog Partners and Sponsors
To My Philippines Lifestyle Shirts, Warner Bros., 20th Century Fox, Universal Pictures, Walt Disney Studios, Columbia Pictures, Pioneer Films, Solar Entertainment, National Geographic Channel, AirAsia, Canon, Wrangler, Sony Channel, Papa John's, and Tipsy Pig, among others, thank you for believing in my blog Tatak Digitista! :)  I really appreciate it.  Expect more meaningful and relevant content this year.  :)

So that's why I'm thankful for  #Stronger2014 and excited for #Groundbreaking2015! And that's my Treasure Find 39!

Happy New Year folks! See you all in 2015!  :)  Cheers!

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  1. Happy new year, Ferds! Thank you. Putting me here right beside Jeff who we just lost made me tear up. Let's surely soend more time this year. ๐Ÿ˜˜