Monday, December 31, 2012

Treasure Find 34 -- From New World in 2012 to Win 2013

Treasure Find 34:

It's a few hours before the clock hits 12 mn and we welcome the new year.  It's the time of the year (during alone time of course) when people get to reflect on how the past year has been.

For 2012, my battle cry was New World in 2012 (from Get Even in 2011, Golden 2010, Shine in 2009 and 2008 will be Great). I can't remember though what's in my mind then but all I know is I want to conquer "new worlds" in 2012; go beyond limits and explore new grounds. It's a bold goal I guess but I'd rather do it now than wait for the time that I might be unable to do new things anymore. And hence, it shaped the year that was. And I realized "New World" can mean many things.

New World meant new places for me. Some of it are places people rarely visit, a number of them are frequented but not fully appreciated. I started with a Chinese New Year celebration in Bindono, Manila!  In February, my colleagues and I went to Tokyo, Japan and experienced winter for the first time! It was our team's 4th (after Singapore, Shanghai and Asian Cruise) but we always get excited when we go on a trip. We went to Mount Fuji, explored Akihabara, shopped at Tsinjuku and Shibuya, visited Tokyo National Museum and Zoo, walked though the Meiji Shrine and manu more! And in March, after years of waiting, I finally landed on Batanes! It was a dream come true as I witnessed God's best creation in the northern province of the Philippines. In March, I went back to Davao this time to stage WWF's Earth Hour 2012 Switch-off Ceremony in Mindanao. And together with WWF Team and our Ambassador Marc Nelson, we had some aqua fun in Samal Island! :) In April, my family and I had a different kind of Visita Iglesia as we did it province-wide in Bulacan, one station per church. From Malolos, we visited Plaridel, San Rafael, San Miguel, Calumpit, Hagonoy and several other Bulacan towns. In May, it's an entirely new world once more as I explored the underwater world of Tubbataha in Sulu Sea! In August, I was in Hamilo Coast in Batangas for the International Coastal Clean-up! In October, I went back to Palawan this time in Quezon, Palawan to facilitate the coverage of WWF's Live Reef Fish Food Trade program with BDO. We also went to Tabon Cave, which is an important place in our history as it nestled the first people in the Philippines thousands of years ago, the Tabon Men. In December, I went back to Hong Kong for the third time and explored the train system myself. :) Also in December, I went to Aklan for the first time with my family to attend my cousin's wedding and have a vacation too!  :)

New World also meant the new people who come in and out of our lives. Each person who arrives and leaves our lives affect our world. I am so thankful with the new friends I met and got closer with this year and the good old friends I kept through the years.  It was a sad experience to see people close to me leave one by one. When my Kuya Jojo left for Dubai, it changed my family's world.  When my Senior Account Manager and close friend Tricia left our firm, it changed the world of our team. When my colleagues Luigi and Ampy left, it further changed the set-up. When my dearest cousin Jelly got married and lived in Aklan permanently, it also changed the world of my family and relatives in Bulacan. But if there's one thing that helped me get through, it's the realization that they're happy where they are right now. And besides, aside from the fact that we shared many good times together, there's Facebook or Twitter which can somehow keep the connection right? :)  While many left, I didn't expect that I myself will say goodbye to the people I've been with for almost five years. I consider that 5 years as the prime of my career but I guess it's the time to go the next level. And now, I'm very much happy with the the entirely new world I embraced.

New World also meant new experiences as each experience can entirely or partially change the world we currently live. It was my first time to do zipline (Tagaytay), play in snow (in Tokyo, Japan), do the solo jumpshot (Marlboro Hills, Batanes), and witness the Panagbenga Festival in Baguio City! In May during our Tubbataha expedition, it was also my first time to live in the sea for 3 straight days and explore an open sea water environment.  And when I say experiences, it doesn't mean they're all good.  :)  Yes, bad experiences can also change our world but it's up to us how we want it to be modified, whether positive or negative.  I've been through challenges in the past and I thought experienced the worst but I guess each situation is an entirely new experience, lesson and change.  I consider July to September as the dark ages :) I had sleepless nights, I had many questions in my head, I was knocked out emotionally but I never gave up.  I fought.  I stayed.  I prayed.  And as God listens to our hearts inner most desires, he led me to a bright new path.

After two years of waiting, two of the projects I led also won the prestigious Quill Award from the International Association of Business Communicators.  WWF's Earth Hour and Electrolux's Clothes and Hugs to those who need it most were recognized by the award giving.  And that moment made a significant change in our world.

2012 is indeed a New World and that's my 34th Treasure Find!  So I hope you also discovered your New World in 2012.

As we now wait and face the turn of the new year, of course it's high time I define a new goal to shape 2013. Some friends waited for this earlier but as promised, here's what I crafted. From New World in 2012, it will be Win 2013! :

And with that, let's all Win 2013! :) That has been the TaDi Way, Have a Happy New Year in your own way! :)

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