Friday, February 17, 2012

Treasure Find 11: iPad2 or Batanes?

Treasure Find 11:

Last December, something good and challenging came to my senses.  As I ended my 2011, I became ready then to fulfill one major item in my goals for 2012!  'But the problem was choosing between two items to be fulfilled.  Shall I buy an iPad2 or shall I go to Batanes?  

It was a struggle.  As a social media enthusiast, iPad 2 will be of big help. With iPad 2, I can stay connected, blog or post anytime, take fun shots and of course enjoy apps and games (and document the travel hehe)!   But as a culture junkie, Batanes is equally appealing.  It will be a great break from stressful life at the city and a perfect opportunity to discover not only an awesome place but myself. 

And the verdict is... my ideal self won over my practical side :) .  I just thought starting of the year with a life changing experience is the right choice as it can somehow give me a new perspective and lead me to new wonders in life.  It may really sound too idealistic but for someone who thinks a lot and works to death, a breather is a real welcome treat.  By not thinking for a moment and enjoying the scenery and experience, I just know that a better person will come out eventually.  And with a place like Batanes, which was dubbed as the most photogenic place in the Philippines, how can I go wrong?  :)

But as what shopping TV says, there's more!   As I booked my Batanes trip in late 2011, I didn't expect that some more travel opportunities will be served on my plate in January 2012!  Suddenly, there are trips to Tokyo, Japan (which happened just last week), a city in the Cordillera region and a place near Palawan.  :)   And true to my battlecry for the year, "New World in 2012", my first half will be full of explorations!  Good times indeed!  :)

They say gadgets come and go but a travel experience is something you can keep for life. But if you have all the funds, then why not get both!  :)   'But for me, with rightfully allocated resources, I can only do one at a time.  And with travel experts saying that a trip to Batanes is perfect during summer, iPad2 or a newer version perhaps has to take a backseat for now.  Because I chose Batanes. :)

And that's foydi's Treasure Find 11!  :)

iPad2 from Mix of Everything
Batanes from PhotoPro
Flight from Tatak Digitista

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