Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Treasure Find 14 -- Family First!

Treasure Find 14:

Fast paced lifestyle.  That's how you define the people living and working in the metro.  And I am no stranger to that mode of living.  With my very demanding job and tons of activities lined up for me each week, I really have less time for myself and the people important to me.  But wait, don't get me wrong.  I am not complaining, oh well generally speaking hehe.

My work may be difficult and stressful but it is fulfilling.  It has answered my thirst and hunger for creative expression and strategic thinking.  My activities (blogging, photography, travel, watching movies) may eat up my time but how can I complain with the enrichment I get by doing all these?  If there's just one thing that's making me feel guilty is my inability to spend more time with my family and old friends.  But I made a commitment this year that I will address that deficiency and strike the balance between all the things that make me happy and the things I can do to make other people happy.  

From left: my mom (Zeny), Tita Elvie, my niece Angel and Tita Malou.

A few weeks back, after my trip to Japan, my mom called me up and talked to me about the her concern on her knees.  And without any hesitation, I assured my mom that I'll take a day off and accompany her to her doctor.  Although I can always depend on my helpful and loving relatives (Thank you from the bottom of my heart Tita Malou, Tito Rio, Ate Haydee, Virgie, Tita Elvie), I felt I needed to do it this time around to show my mom that I do care.  And sometimes, do you know that feeling when your parents want you to accompany them but are too shy to ask you?  Kick out machismo, I'll do this for my mom!  :)  She has been so worried and with no "too much about myself thought" intended, I just think that with me around, I can somehow help take her worries away.  Well, they won't be around forever so  I guess, for me, it's ought that we give the best time we could give to our folks.

And besides, I guess, I've (together with the rest of my colleagues) have trained and equipped our new staff well enough to be always on top when we're not around.  Right Carl, Tricia, Roms and Len (if you're reading this hehe)?

Good thing though that the doctor told us that my mom need not undergo knee operation.  She has arthritis but there are remedies we can do to keep up the good health and ease the pain.  And I thank God for that!  :)

So I guess, that's Treasure Find 14.  Of course we need to give all our best to our work, to our passion, but when family calls, they come first! :)

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