Sunday, February 19, 2012

Treasure Find 13: Can't Take No for Ueno -- Our Trip to Ueno Zoological Gardens (Japan Naman part 2)


If you've been an old-time TaDi reader, I guess you'll know by now that I aside from digital media, movies and heritage, I am an enthusiast of the wildlife.   In fact, as I shared before, this passion has prompted me to dream of becoming a part of National Geographic.  :)

Oh well, that was just a childhood fantasy but I can still feel the remnants of that dream.  During my recent trip to Japan, I learned that Ueno Zoological Gardens, the oldest zoo in Japan which was founded in 1882, provides home to two new giant pandas!  Its original panda Lingling, which was brought to Japan in 1972 together with another panda, died in 2008 due to old age.  I've actually saw pandas already in 2003 during my visit to Hong Kong's Ocean Park.  But I guess, these creatures have really a soft spot in my heart and I can't afford not to see them again when there's a chance.  I just can't take no for Ueno!  :)

This post is actually the second of the Japan Naman series but this is not the first in my itinerary.  I just wanted the series to be free flowing and not follow a chronological path just like my Explore Singapore series.   My trip to Ueno Zoo took place during the 5th day of our trip.  I actually lobbied for it to my travel buddies a night before our last full day in Japan.  Our planned trip to Ueno Zoo during our 3rd did not happen due to lack of time.  

And come Day 5, the child in me resurfaced a new as we explored the Ueno Zoological Gardens.  And let me share with you the favorite views I witnessed during the tour.

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