Sunday, January 8, 2012

Treasure Find 5: The Horse Takes Over The Cart!


In 2010, I posted this article Pinoy Cow retires from driving the cart.  I was amused with what I saw but at the same time missed the cow pulling the cart which I grew up with. 

Almost two years after, I saw another innovation of the said cart.  Now, another animal is driving it!  Yes, what you are seeing is a horse.  Well, perhaps the owners felt using the horse is more practical since it's
 much faster than the original cow pulling the cart.

This shot was taken at the Mac Arthur Highway in Malolos, Bulacan.

Oh well, am just amused that this enterprise, which has already been part of our tradition, is somehow... still alive... in a different way.  :)

I only wish that parks like Luneta or Nayong Pilipino (is it sill up?) would think of putting up the original versions in the said places.  With this idea, we will be able to promote Philippines' native handicrafts, preserve this kind of traditional enterprise, and help the people behind these carts grow their business!  I think people, locals and foreigners alike, would love to see them at these parks and I'm optimistic they will patronize the products as well (it will be some sort of tourist's pasalubong or homecoming gifts!).  :)  This what makes a Bayanihan Republic!  :)

What do you think folks? 

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