Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Treasure Find 6 - Relax, Take a Train


After a long and tiring walk from Katipunan, my friends and I finally arrived at the LRT 2 station.  I am embarrassed to admit but this was my first time to ride the said train.  :)  'But riding it the first time was such a welcome treat for me.  It somehow looks like the train system in Hong Kong, Singapore and Shanghai but I was told it was just that station which has the marvelous set-up and all the rest are so so.  Oh well, in terms of mass transport system, we may not be there yet, but I guess we're much better from where we came from.  I do hope that one day, our mass transport system will be more reliable as it fuels not just economic growth but relief for the people who drives the economy.  :)

Well, right before we approach the train, I was able to capture this wonderful view.  It's relaxing, it's calming... a perfect break after our long stressful walk.  And from how I see it, the view somehow told me that there is hope.  And that I guess is Treasure Find 5.  :)

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