Friday, January 6, 2012

Treasure Find 4 - A Taxi with A Cross


In Manila, riding a taxi is like gambling.  You're lucky if you are able to ride with honest and nice (and sometimes entertaining) drivers but you're doomed if what you got are hot tempered and opportunist ones.  Nevertheless, perhaps just like meeting new people, I ride taxi regularly.  Well, it's inevitable.

'But one thing that caught my attention recently is the taxi I saw when my colleagues and I had lunch in Glorietta 5 in Makati.  It's the usual taxi we see, but this time with a big cross on top of its roof, which has a sign that tells people to read the holy bible and think of the goodness of man.

Actually, I can't find the exact verse in the bible and I think there's a little syntax error but what the heck, I understood what the man is trying to say, and I admire his faith.

Unfortunately, it was not the cab we got when we lined up at the taxi lane so I asked the driver of our unit to immediately follow the taxi with the big cross I saw.  Our driver said that the guard told the one driving that taxi with cross that the display, the cross, installed on the PUV is prohibited in Makati City.  I reacted with surprise!  Wat the heck?  What's wrong if the man expresses his faith and shares the good news?  Our driver added that he used to work with that driver and he said that he had been doing that for a long time already.  

We followed the taxi with a cross.

Well, I guess, this is treasure find number 4.  Imagine, in a time when most Christians are too shy or embarrassed to express their faith, here's a  taxi driver, perhaps one of the too many rotten ones, who are faithful and courageous enough to share the good news.  

Thank you to my colleague Ivan  Cabral for this shot.

I wasn't able to get his name but kudos to you manong, just continue your mission!  :)

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